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At Solomon Brothers, customers often find they can afford a larger or higher quality diamond than they had expected. This is because we hand select rough diamonds ourselves, then have them cut and polished, by our own highly skilled craftsmen using state-of-the-art technologies. Since we control each step of the process, we are better able to ensure the quality of our diamonds. This also allows us to offer diamonds at substantially lower prices � eliminating the mark-ups that inflate other jewelers� prices and passing the savings directly to you.

To identify the best possible cut for each rough diamond, we utilize sophisticated software and laser systems from OGI, the world leader in diamond technology. Our diamond cutters use a OGI Rough Analyzer to assess the rough for its optimal cut and carat. Capable of calculating millions of cutting options, this instrument gives us a highly accurate, computerized analysis of the finished size and weight of the diamond before we even begin the cutting process. Finished stones are analyzed for cut and proportions using our Ogiscope� Proportion Analyzer. We also use a Megascope� with light tracer that can measure stones up to 24mm (up to 40ct in round stones). Both systems provide comprehensive analyses and can generate customized reports with detailed specification for each facet of the stone. They provide measurements that are graded according to the criteria of recognized institutes and labs.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

With so many different factors affecting price, the best way to choose a ring is to simply find out which factors are the most important to your future fianc�. If you know what diamond shape or metal type she wants, you will have a good starting point. From there you can build the best ring for the best price you can afford.

Lab grown diamonds and diamond alternatives

Solomon Brothers offers lab grown diamonds, moissanites, morganites, sapphires, and other options for center stones.