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Two of the most important pieces of jewelry in a marriage are the engagement ring and the wedding band. Although they are both symbols of love, commitment, and unity, there is an important difference between them that most don’t know until they absolutely have to.

Let’s get you in the know so that when the time comes to pick out these special pieces of jewelry, you know the difference and what to look for in your wedding ring in Atlanta before committing to it forever:

Engagement Rings

The engagement ring marks the start of a long and happy union where forever is on the horizon. But they’re not the same as wedding bands—here are a few things that make them unique:

Typically Boasts a Larger Center Stone

When couples exchange engagement rings, the center stone is usually larger than on wedding bands. This is because the ring signifies a newly engaged couple looking forward to their future together and they want something that stands out to mark this special new beginning.

Given When Couple Becomes Engaged

As the most obvious stand-out, engagement rings are typically given during a special moment when one proposes to their partner, making the promise of eternity. It marks the beginning of a life together and is often celebrated with family and friends.

Worn by Women

Engagement rings are traditionally worn by women, while men keep their wedding bands closer to their hearts. This tradition dates back centuries, although in recent years more couples have chosen to wear matching engagement rings as a symbol of equality.

Origins in Ancient Rome

The tradition of exchanging rings to symbolize a commitment between two people dates back centuries. In Ancient Rome, 200 BCE, the ring represented a business contract or a sign of love and obedience from the woman to her husband.

Wedding Bands

Although they might look similar to engagement rings, wedding rings in Atlanta boast differences that you won’t want to overlook when picking out your special pieces:

Fits or Stacks with Engagement Ring

The wedding band is usually designed to fit snugly against the engagement ring, creating a beautiful combination. The way the rings connect is meant to symbolize a couple’s unity in marriage and their commitment to one another.

Given When Couple Gets Married

Wedding rings in Atlanta are typically given after the couple ties the knot, symbolizing an eternal union. It is usually exchanged either at the altar or during a post-ceremony reception during the “I do’s” or the vows.

Worn by Both Spouses

Both spouses will wear their wedding bands for the rest of their lives as a sign of their commitment to each other. This tradition wasn’t always in practice, though—it wasn’t until World War II that men started wearing their wedding rings as well since they had to separate from their wives. It was used as something to remember them by during hard times and has stuck ever since.

Origins in Ancient Egypt

The tradition of exchanging wedding bands dates back to around 5000 years ago when people in Ancient Egypt would exchange “rings of love” with their partners.

No matter the culture, both engagement rings and wedding rings in Atlanta are important symbols of love that will last a lifetime. They also provide a reminder to couples of their shared commitment as they build a life together. Understanding the differences between these two pieces of jewelry can help you make an informed decision when it comes time to pick out your rings for a special occasion.

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