By The Numbers

At the end of the day, it’s all about measuring and exceeding your objective. Here are a few examples of how Heinz Marketing has measurably helped clients exceed their sales, marketing and go-to-market objectives.


  • Increased sales team lead conversion at HouseValues by 25 percent by focusing on higher-quality leads, creating a cross-team best practice sharing program, introducing an online ordering system, and creating compensation & recognition incentives for performance.
  • Helped increase monthly sales at PayScale each month over a four month period while reducing marketing costs by 55 percent.
  • Launched new enterprise sales system at multi-state legal services firm; helped secure more than $500,000 in monthly new business revenue within first two months.
  • Launched two new products for HouseValues, selling to 1,000 customers during pre-sales effort to begin product at profitability from day one.
  • Used nurture marketing to drive 45% of new sales for PayScale in a six-month period
  • Helped enterprise technology marketing company with trade show strategy that had a goal of 25 sales (they ended up with 62)
  • Helped grow legal services business from $36M/year to more than $50M/year
  • Launched new product prototype in four weeks, drove $95K in revenue within the next six weeks

Lead Generation

  • Doubled inbound lead volume for PayScale in a three-month period, increasing measure of “sales-worthy” leads by 50 percent in the process.
  • Reduced MSN real estate off-network customer acquisition costs by more than 80 percent; drove more than two million consumers per month to site from thousands of affiliate across the Web.
  • Built Webinar marketing channel for PayScale, driving thousands of leads monthly and delivering more than a third of new business revenue in a three-month period.
  • Grew lead contribution from natural search and SEO to more than 400 leads per month for one Seattle B2B start-up
  • Build new “house” prospect database of more than 120,000 targets for Seattle-based B2B start-up

Direct Response

  • Created several new DRTV spots for HouseValues, including concepts that beat control spots by 20-30 percent.
  • Increased consumer conversion on by 34 percent within months of launch, raising effectiveness and cost efficiency of all media channels.
  • Reduced consumer lead cost for by 60 percent by diversifying media channels and improving online lead conversion.

Customer Loyalty

  • Tripled seminar attendance for HouseValues’ customers in an eight-month period.
  • Grew registered users at MSN real estate channel from 10,000 to six million subscribers and 15 million email newsletter subscriptions in 18 months, doubling month-over-month retention and driving 30 percent of monthly site visitors from email each month.











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