Philosophy & Values

Here at Heinz Marketing, we are on a journey: To change the definition of work , and the impact it has on careers and lives.  We believe that by making a measurable impact to the success of our clients’ business and careers, it creates meaningful impact on our own careers and lives that, in turn, enriches the relationships we have with our families and communities.  It’s a snowball that gathers speed as it grows.  And it starts with each of us and the way we show up for each other with the values we bring to work each day:

  • Poised

    While bringing order and predictability to high-pressure and ever-changing situations

  • Driven

    To learn and grow while focused on finding the right solutions for our clients

  • Confident

    Without ego, coachable and transparent while eager to continually improve

  • Committed

    To making our clients, our team, ourselves and our families and communities better

  • Can-do Attitude

    That is proactive and evolving to always look for the best in people and situations

Meet our Team

Matt Heinz


Matt, President and Founder of Heinz Marketing, brings 20 years of marketing, business development, and sales experience from a variety ... Read More

Maria Geokezas

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Maria is the driving force behind client service delivery and customer experience. She wears many hats; also overseeing ... Read More

Cherie Singer

Business Development Manager

Cherie is the first point of contact for developing new strategic business partnerships. She welcomes the opportunity to share offerings ... Read More

Sheena McKinney

Business Operations and Marketing Assistant

For the Heinz Marketing headquarters, Sheena is the glue that holds everything together and the one who makes things happen.  ... Read More

Lisa Heay

Director of Business Operations

Lisa ensures Heinz Marketing runs like a well-oiled machine by overseeing Business Operations, including Finance, HR, IT, and Office Administration. ... Read More

Payal Parikh

Vice President of Client Services

Payal manages the entirety of the client engagement from the strategy development to the execution of tactics and ensures goals ... Read More

Tom Swanson

Engagement Manager

Tom leads client engagement teams from initial onboarding through execution and ensures excellent customer experiences along the way. He has ... Read More

Karla Sanders

Engagement Manager

Karla is responsible for leading various client engagements. She acts as an essential connection point between the company and the ... Read More

Brenna Lofquist

Senior Marketing Consultant / Client Services Operations

Brenna is responsible for strategizing, coordinating, and executing demand generation and account-based marketing programs for Heinz Marketing’s clients. She also ... Read More

Michelle Voznyuk

Marketing Specialist

Michelle assists in developing demand generation and account-based marketing campaigns for Heinz Marketing. She helps design and implement content marketing, ... Read More

Winfield Salyards

Senior Marketing Consultant

Win assists with copywriting, campaign execution, market research, and more.  Prior to joining Heinz Marketing, he spent time at OfferUp ... Read More

Brittany Lieu

Marketing Consultant

Brittany works with the team and clients to develop and implement marketing programs across multiple channels including email, website, social ... Read More

Cameron Katoozi

Marketing Consultant

Cameron assists with lead generation campaigns, preparing promotional material, creating measurement reports for clients, and more. He has an entrepreneurial ... Read More

Carly Bauer

Marketing Consultant

Carly assists with internal social media marketing, campaign execution, market research, and more. Prior to joining Heinz Marketing, Carly graduated ... Read More

Mina Guirguis

Marketing Consultant

Mina helps the team and his clients strategically plan their marketing and sales efforts to optimize for the highest possible ... Read More

Sarah Threet

Marketing Consultant

Sarah is a data-driven systems-thinker who takes a holistic approach to marketing strategy and deeply cares about collaboration with their ... Read More


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